Love Ain't Lyrics

by Tonedeff

Traces of love, long ago...that didn't work out

Love ain't for the faint of heart
Start Training, this game is hard
And arduous
You're gonna play in the dark like when it rains in the park
You're hardly conscious of the stains and scars
enabling your partly clouded logic
To pay to impart bliss with arrangements of chocolates, now
You're working yourself out the same as when you strain with a nautilus
And you're willing to embrace pain facing sustained negative consequence
If nothing you say when in love is embedded with common sense
Then, do you really regret when you've shredded your promises?
Now, I've tested the waters, kid. Sipped it; rippled the pond a bit
Visits have been abolished, and this shit's killing my confidence
Is this filling your conscience when distance is an accomplishment?
If you miss chicks when they're around
the phrase "Let's quit" isn't an option
You best fix whatever's wrong and just move on and get on with it
Cause, You'll catch bigger fish in the sea if you manage not to drown in it
It's sad, but proud or not, most your standards go down a notch
When loneliness drinks at the bar you set too high
Cause, It isn't really my time, is it?
Shit...I just found the watch
But hearing the bell toll for me twice a day
has me fearing my grandfather clock
And I can't die without trying, my hands tied in knots
Knowing that I'll never learn to brave the waves if I stand by the docks
Love is hampered by thought, if you can handle the prospect of
Death - it's as massive a shock
And to intellects, it's a fuckin' smack in the crotch
It's a cancer that rots your soul, tosses demons off of the road
Just use caution and know, that
love ain't nothing but a loss of control
Off then, we go


[V2: Deacon the Villain]
Love'll have you nervous, doing stupid shit on purpose
brain out of service, words slurred when you blurt shit..

studderin', utterin' non-sensical shit in your verses.
feeling like a shirtless, 4-breasted woman in a circus..
furthurly trying to gap an unfillable void..
because of parents never transfering that unbillical joy..
so girls create a false world of filling on boys.
exploited, guys playing with her heart like her feelings are toys..
but when you have it.. there's nothing like it, you get excited..
seeking those who provide it, on phones talking to psychics..
some fear it... spend their entire lives trying to fight it..
living in a confusing Hayes, like they're grooving to Isaac..
it ain't the end of the rainbow with a treasure chest and a map..
it ain't easily learnable with definitions in tact..
it can ride your train of though and demolitions your tracks..
hittin' and bullwhippin you, leavin' them slits in your back..
but i've been a lucky one.. loving parents, loving friends..
but I still spend alot of my life loving sin..
but I ain't a genious on it, I can only pretend..
cause over all it's an emotion I can not comprehend.. it's love


[V3: Kno]
Love ain't the basis for action
In a nation of addicts pacing and waiting for seconds of satisfaction
Where the word itself is only fashioned in fits of passion
Hand in hand with animalistic orgasmic reaction
and the past isn't felt as a match made in hell
But rather its held as a latter day meld
Of common mistakes and nice intentions
But when false love retention is simply vice invention
Its only right to mention the fights you get in
Nightly visions of these Tina and Ike revisions
So Whats Love really Got To Do With It?
From prude women to stool pidgeons in soup kitchens
The truth isn't as eloquent so be intelligent
Getting caught out of your element just for the hell of it's irrelevant
And that word'll fit like a glove if you don't get right, now live your
for the love or stop


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Daddy Yankee
Y me gusta tanto cuando se pega pega
Y me guaya guaya
Y se pega pega
Cuando le sueltan el dembow
Dembow bow bow
So before leavin', yo it's a wise man I'm repeatin'
Two wrongs don't make a right, I believe in it makes a even
Paul Hardcastle
In 1965 Vietnam seemed like just another foreign war but it wasn't
It was different in many ways, as so were tose that did the fighting
In World War II the average age of the combat soldier was 26
In Vietnam he was 19
In-in-in Vietnam he was 19

The shooting and fighting of the past two weeks continued today
25 miles west of Saigon
I really wasn't sure what was going on

Ni-ni-ni 19, 19, ni-19 19
19, 19, 19, 19

In Vietnam the combat soldier typically served
A twelve month tour of duty
But was exposed to hostile fire almost everyday
Ni-ni-ni 19, Ni-ni-ni 19

Hundreds of thousands of men who saw heavy combat
In Vietnam were arrested since discharge
Their arrest rate is almost twice that of non-veterans of the same age
There are no accurate figures of how many of these men
Have been incarcerated

But a Veterans Administration study
Concludes that the greater of vets
Exposure to combat could more likely affect his chances
Of being arrested or convicted

This is one legacy of the Vietnam War

All those who remember the war
They won't forget what they've seen
Destruction of men in their prime
Whose average was 19

War, war

De-de-destruction, wa, wa, war, wa, war, war
War, war

After World War II the men came home together on troop ships
But the Vietnam vet often arrived home within 48 hours of jungle combat
Perhaps the most dramatic difference between
World War II and Vietnam was coming home
None of them received a hero's welcome

None of them received a heroes welcome, none of them, none of them
Ne-ne-ne, ne-ne-ne, none of them, none of them, none of them
None of them received a hero's welcome
None of them received a hero's welcome

According to a Veteran's Administration study
Half of the Vietnam combat veterans suffered from what
Psychiatrists call

Many vets complain of alienation, rage or guilt
Some succumb to suicidal thoughts
Eight to ten years after coming home
Almost eight hundred thousand men are still fighting the Vietnam War

Ni-ni-ni 19, 19, ni19 19
19, 19, 19, 19
Ni-ni-ni 19, 19, ni-19 19
19, 19, 19, 19

When we came back it was different, everybody wants to know
"How'd it happened to those guys over there?
There's gotta be something wrong somewhere
We did what we had to do

There's gotta be something wrong somewhere
People wanted us to be ashamed of what it made us
Dad had no idea what he went to fight and he is now
All we want to do is come home

All we want to do is come home
What did we do it for?
All we want to do is come home
Was it worth it
Cristina Vee
I've done everything I canAll the people that I see I will never understandIf I find a way to change, if I step into the lightThen I'll never be the same, and it all will fade to whiteEver on and on I continue circlingWith nothing but my hate in a carousel of agony
Cristina Vee
I've done everything I canAll the people that I see I will never understandIf I find a way to change, if I step into the lightThen I'll never be the same, and it all will fade to whiteEver on and on I continue circlingWith nothing but my hate in a carousel of agony
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